Expertise beyond security

Enhance asset protection, streamline the operations, and improve your customers’ experience, all with just one solution.


Optimize in-premise experience

Use video analytics to understand consumer behaviour and design a seamless experience for less.


Strengthen your pandemic response

Ensure social distancing, minimize overcrowding, monitor health, and follow government norms –during Covid-19 and beyond.



Enables businesses to make smarter decisions, reduce costs and increase efficiency with a return on investment that can be measured through tangible business results.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Simplify operation by replacing manual operation with automated detection and actions.

Augment Productivity

Automate day-to-day operations and make your staff more focussed on the development.

Accelerate investigation

Ensure faster access searchable video evidence and start investigating quickly.

Business intelligence dashboard

Populate reports, dashboards and heatmaps to offer insight into everyday activities and patterns.

Functionality. AI-Powered


“Here’s Spectra AiVis, a video analytics platform that gives you the power to keep an eye on everything that matters. AiVis integrates with your existing CCTV infrastructure to help you see every nook & corner of your premises, secure sensitive data and safeguard your employees. Using AI tools, AiVis works through Machine Learning to become more powerful at predicting anomalies as time goes by.”


Experience a range of use cases with Aivis for your industry

Use case 01

Seamless Logistics

 Bay/dock Management
 Parcel monitoring
 Intrusion detection

use cases 02
Use cases 02

Seamless Retail

 Footfall monitoring
 Intrusion detection
 Queue length

Use cases 03

Seamless Hospitality

 Staff monitoring
 Hygiene compliance
 Service Levels

Use cases 04

Seamless Property Management

 Camera tempering
 Intrusion detection
 Heatmaps

Our Services

Easy deployment

Takes <1 hour to deploy our smart solutions with minimal/no modification to existing infra.

Highest accuracy

Our in-house AI engine provides the best in class accuracy leading to more reliable results.


Real-time data collection and alerts,- for quicker and more robust decision making.

247 support

Our dedicated team of experts proactively monitor and manage your issues 247


The complexity of industrial processes is increasing rapidly. More and more operations data is being generated. Machine Learning helps to understand that data and act on it. It is fundamental to increase sustainability and ensure continued control, quality and efficiency.

Aivis combines a decade of industry experience with gamechanging innovations in machine learning, based on indepth research in differential geometry, stochastic processes, functional analysis, and theoretical physics.

It works exceptionally well and autonomously on operations data, providing high quality, explainability, reliability and usability